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Hi, I'm Firoze [fir - o's]

I am a certified Hippocrates Health Educator and soon to be Nutrition Therapy Master. Having gone through my own 17 year journey from chronic disease to recovery, I became passionate about nutrition and all the miraculous ways in which we can heal ourselves.

I love all things nutrition and health. But if I were to be honest, Truth is my passion.. in any form it takes. It is why we are here after all. I may not have all the answers, but I will always seek out the light and share the Truths that will help elevate you to the next level.     

What do I mean by Truth?

Why on Earth do I keep spelling Truth with a capital 'T'? Well, because I am referring to the Truth of all Truths. Universal Truths if you will. Yes I dare say it! Now, I'm fully aware there is not one way of eating or even living for everyone. We are all unique expressions and we must honor that if we expect to heal and thrive. But zooming out from our unique bio-individualities, there are certain Universal Truths that have been either ignored or actively suppressed by our society, which has lead us to the situation we find ourselves in today.  

When we look at the state of our health as a society and planet, we're not doing too well. Remember coronavirus? How about the rising rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and mental illness? How about the planet itself? Regardless of what you believe, can you not tell how unstable the world has become? These are all just symptoms. Warning signs if you will of something much deeper going on. What I'm suggesting is that the reasons for all our suffering point to a lack of understanding the Universal Truths. Truths which emerge out of the most fundamental questions of existence: Who are we? Where did we come from? And what is our purpose?  

You say, what's any of this Truth business got to do with it? We're talking about how to eat and exercise right, how to be free from chronic illness, how to not have stress and anxiety, etc. Well I'm a very different type of Nutrition-ist if you haven't figured that out already. I don't believe it's all about the food like so many of us are now coming to understand. Don't get me wrong, good food is absolutely essential to well-being. Hippocrates himself said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Nature heals, there is no question about it. It's what I've been trained in. And when we work together 1-on-1, we will absolutely tick the nutrition box as thorough as you're ready for. And not just nutrition, but all the fundamental pillars of health.

But say I just tell you what to eat and how to do everything perfectly (as if there were such a thing)? Does that work? It doesn't. I can tell you that from experience. Is food itself the root of the problem, or is the toxic, nutrient deplete food we've been eating a mere symptom of something even deeper? Is health merely the point of why we are here? Like, what are you going to do when you get healthy? Go back to living in all the same ways which made you unhealthy in the first place? Ah, yes. Now we're getting to it! This is my entire premise: if you want to understand what it takes to be healthy, you must first understand exactly all of the factors that made your body dis-eased. And don't be so quick to assume it's random or genetic. There is a very good reason for our sickness. 

So what does it take to achieve the pillars of health?

I would like to propose something quite radical, full well knowing it will push some of you away (if you're still reading this). But for the rest, I'm trusting this will speak to a deeper knowing that's inside of you, and has been there all along. Ready? We are all living in a dream world. The world's a dream. This reality, is not real in the way we think it is. Ever seen The Matrix? Watch it again carefully if you don't know what I'm talking about. It's kind of like that. From the moment we were born, we were thrusted into a society that has insisted this world to be the one and only reality. Physical, material existence. Big bang. Evolution. Biology. Chemistry. Physics. Everything we can observe and measure with our 5 senses. Anything beyond that? Dark matter, empty space, woo woo. 

That's how us Western's think. And if you were well adjusted to this society, you are likely to believe this as being the one and only truth yourself.  But what about Eastern cultures? What about indigenous people? Is this what they believe? If we go back a few millennia, can we learn anything from the past mystics who dedicated their entire lives to discovering deeper Truths through silence, inner contemplation, and powerful spiritual awakening practices?

Well, yes.. that's what it's all about! Where do you think meditation comes from? How about yoga? How about all those herbal remedies we're only now just becoming aware of again? We partake in these things superficially without understanding what they were actually trying to achieve originally. Well I'll tell you this, it wasn't to "be healthy" or to look good in yoga pants! They knew from their own ancient scriptures and master teachers that this world is a sort of illusion (Maya). And one of the primary purposes of life is to live in this world of perceived duality/separation, and awaken to the embodied awareness of who and what we all are. Why? Not only is it our destiny, but it is the source of everything we truly desire in this lifetime: health, happiness, joy, peace, love, energy, connection. Instead we go exactly the opposite direction, on our own, with great arrogance.. and then we wonder why life becomes such a struggle.  

When I ask, what does it really take to achieve the fundamental pillars of health.. today in 2023 with how close we are to self-destruction.. this is what I'm talking about. For ourselves, the planet, and the future of the human race. Anything less is just dealing with the problems at a symptom level. We must stop living in the delusion of separation and fear. I've seen many definitions of the pillars of health include spirituality as a pillar, but rarely do I see anyone take that seriously enough for it to actually matter. We're more interested in the food and exercise. Why? So we can look good and get back to the rat race? It is my belief that dedicating yourself towards pursuing the Truth is the pre-requisite to achieving eternal well-being.

Keep going...

So I've now briefly explained what I believe it takes to achieve true health. Truth. In all it's forms. If you skip this step, I'm not going to say it's impossible to heal and feel good. But you can easily be led astray by believing in some fundamental falsehood.. and you will only go so far in your journey by being attached to things that do not necessarily matter. For example, you could be eating an absolutely perfect diet but still be triggered and upset every time you see the activities of another who does not align with your political beliefs. At your core, you feel as if you live in a hostile world. And thus you remain stressed and sick.. all for what? A lie you won't let go of. I'll give you another. You could be eating perfectly but still buy into the ludicrous notion that nature is not clean, and we must constantly immunize and sterilize ourselves from it (big topic, please don't jump to conclusions). And thus you weaken your microbiome and the immune system that depends on its diversity.. and you remain sick.  

Where do we go from here?

Namaste Edits-116.jpg

If any of what I've been saying resonates with you, we are likely a good match for each other. Even if you're not sure but just a little bit curious what I'm on about, hit the button below to bring us together for an introduction call. On the call you can tell me a bit about yourself, your goals and ask any questions you'd like. It'll just be an informal conversation. At the end, I'll let you know all the details of what I offer and you'll forever have me a resource should you decide to sign up. If not, you can reach back out any time you're ready in the future, no obligations or hurt feelings. 

And I want to thank you for taking the time to read all this. If you haven't gotten a chance already, poke the website a bit and enjoy the content!

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