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What's spirituality and truth got to do with health?

The entire premise of this website and the services I offer is that no matter what you are going through, the Truth will set you free. Many people don't like hearing it said like that, because they'll be thinking.. well that all depends on what you mean by Truth. I'm talk about the Truth of all Truths, and all the levels of Truth that lie in between. That's right, there are levels to all this Truth business. The funny thing is, you could discover a Truth that is absolutely true at a time, but then you keep going and discover the next Truth that actually invalidates the Truth you learned previously. Invalidates in the sense that it is still true, but it no longer has any consequence or relevance because you understand why it exists.

Most of the people I work with are coming to me to learn how to eat better and generally heal and recover from something serious, whether that be cancer or something else. Here's what happens if they give little attention to this "Truth business". We've all been here. We start out in a temporary state of motivation to try new things.. so we diet, go to the gym, take our supplements and do all of the things we're being told we're "supposed to" do. A few months or years go by and eventually, we give up and go back to our old ways. And then we even say in the future, "oh yea, I tried all this stuff before and it didn't really work." Why is that? What's going on here?

Here's the deal. What we are up against in the journey to improving ourselves is... ourselves. Meaning, the false selves we've identified with our entire life. Because we never really asked ourselves the fundamental questions: "Who am I?" or "Why am I here". We think we are our body and our thoughts. Like when you introduce yourself to someone you tell them your name, where you live, something about what you do for work, what you enjoy, etc. But is any of this actually who you are? Who are you actually?

First of all, are you your body? Yes? Do you even feel connected to it? Do you know how to operate it yourself, or does it just sort of happen for you? It happens of course. You can only control a very minuscule fraction of what's going on. It's your vehicle in this life, and look how we treat it. It's doing amazing things, all the time, even as you're sitting here reading this. And we don't even give it a second thought. So that's not who we are.

How about your thoughts? All day everyday you're thinking, non-stop. Are you your thoughts then? Most people when they're asked to locate in their body where their sense of self is, they point to their brain area, around their eyes. Is this where you reside? Somewhere "up there" as if you're standing behind some control room in your head looking out into the world. Ever try meditating in silence? What do you notice happening when you try to focus and not think? You can't do it! You cannot do it. The thoughts just keep going on auto-play. So that can't be you either. So who are you then?

How about your awareness, that for a brief moment, stops identifying with the thoughts as its own and just watches them go by like pictures on a movie screen. That's peculiar. Who is watching the thoughts? Ah now we're getting closer! Most of us operate on the level of the ego, which is our false sense of "who I am" that resides entirely in the world of mind, thoughts and feelings. And from that place, we've created an incredible mess of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

From that place of full on identification with thoughts, opinions and beliefs, we look out at the world and judge it on the basis of who aligns with our ideas, and who does not. We see the world as generally separate from ourselves. Zero connection to who we are. And this is the basis of all our stresses, fears and worries. We get upset when someone acts a certain way or doesn't approve of ourselves. We cling onto external things as being the source of our love and happiness, because we fundamentally don't know who we are, and thus cannot give ourselves this experience.. we have to consume it from the outside to fill the void. And this void is insatiable. Good luck trying not to eat all those foods you love but know are not good for you when you don't even understand the craving behind it.

And when we try to improve ourselves? Well we all know how that goes. We use our willpower and mange it for a while, and eventually that brute force effort fades away. The old pattern returns. Or if someone is trying to present us with new information or a new perspective, we block that from coming in because we experience cognitive dissonance where our mind cannot hold two conflicting truths simultaneously, so it does what it can to defend the original one. Do you see how and why our false ideas about ourself can get in the way?

So what is this pattern that we're up against? What is actually this identity that I'm claiming is false? It's your conditioned self. From the moment you were born, you were conditioned by your parents, your friends, the culture you grew up in, your schooling, all the traumas you endured, the food you ate.. everything. Conditioned in a way that made you feel more and more separate from everything else. Ever seen the way a child is? They just walk right up to strangers and start asking them questions. No fear. That is if they're parents haven't already programmed them to be afraid of this. They are uninhibited. Free. Playful. Imaginative. Energetic. Dogs too. That's why we love them so much, they show us how to be!

And so slowly the world conditions all of that beauty out of us, and we go from living from the heart, to living from the head; with all it's egoic, trauma-based preferences, desires and aversions. And when this ego doesn't get its way, it gets very agitated. When it gets what it wants, it's satisfied.. for a little while. It is completely and utterly dependent on circumstances, and thus we become a slave to the external happenings of the world. And this is who we call ourselves; the culmination of all our past experiences, traumas and conditionings. But what happens when you start to question that and look to see if there is anything left of that beautiful child who knew nothing of separation like we do today? This is the fundamental basis of a spiritual practice.

Without getting into any religious aspect (because I am personally not religious) let's talk about what spirituality really means. Our history is so much more vast and rich than we've been told. Many thousands of years ago, people were much different than we are today. We like to think we are more advanced than they were, but nothing could be further from the truth. We only measure advancement by our own limited lens. Did they have modern medicine, computers, iPhones, airplanes, cars? No. So we call them primitive. But let's admit it, few of us have really taken the time to look deeply into these cultures and their wisdom to see if that's actually true. We assume if that were true, the 'his-story' books, 'tell-a-vision', and newspapers would have told us so already.

So what did the ancient Egyptians have to say about spirituality? How about the Hindus? How about all the mystic traditions? The secret societies? These people dedicated their entire lives to the inquiry into who they were, where they came from, and their purpose here on this Earth was. And they all came to very similar conclusions, having never communicated with one another.. just through their own direct experience with the divine. And the answers to what they discovered about the real Truth has been made esoteric and occulted throughout history. It has remained hidden (another big topic for discussion).

And so what do we get instead? Organized religions that are built on top of these fundamental Truths about who we are, where we came from and what's our purpose. They each have their own subtle twist. Now if you're reading this and subscribe to any particular religion, I want you to know that I think that is wonderful. What I care about most is how it makes you feel, how you relate to others (especially those you don't like), and if it places any limitations on your sense of what you're capable of. If it only makes you and others better versions of yourselves in all the ways, then I would encourage that person to go even deeper in their religious practices.

But that's not always the case. I see too often the every day religious man walk around life full of fear, guilt and judgement of others. Fear of God's wrath and other people. Guilty of all their sins. Judgment of those who do not agree exactly with their beliefs. It twists up their psychology and I don't see them being more open-minded, open-hearted people because of it.. I see the opposite. So.. what do all these ancient spiritual traditions all say about the real Truth of what's going on?

God/The Universe is all that is and ever was. It is infinite in its nature. Time is an illusion. It is not a man or a woman or anything we can possibly conceive of with our limited brains. It is only an experience that has to be experienced and felt directly. When I say God is all that is and ever was, I mean right now in this very moment, it is all one thing. In the beginning, God being all that is and ever was, wanted to experience itself in all its glory. It couldn't do that being just one thing. So the one became two. Duality and separation were born into the experience we're having right now. This entire reality has a perfect structure to it. There are multiple dimensions. It is fractal in nature. It has polarity. It has infinitely complex patterns that connects everything to everything else.

And so who are you? You are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience. You are God experiencing itself through separation. The body and form you've identified with your entire life is not your true nature. That is not to say you were meant to deny it. You are a miracle. It is a beautiful gift to have this absolutely amazing Earthly experience. Afterall, you chose it. But the journey to finding who you really are involves a death of everything you thought you were. And when you do that, life starts to become much more interesting and magical.

Sometimes I find it amazing that people seek out all these thrills and dramas in their TV shows and movies. There is nothing more amazing than your own story. We have forgotten. We got caught up in the every day stresses of how we're going to earn money and survive in this chaotic world. We take all the problems of this world so seriously. We're constantly afraid. Worst of all, we don't even know how to care for one another (let alone the planet) because we don't know how to care for ourselves. We create all these man-made ideological categories of separation and then only feel good when were around others on the same team.

But this is not reality. As Morpheus says, "it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth." What is the Truth? Pure magic. Aliens. ESP. Time travel. Remote viewing. Astral projection. Past lives and reincarnation. Near death experiences. Kinesiology. Real yogic practices. Free energy. Power of thought to alter reality. Actual mind over matter. What do you think the placebo effect is? People are getting real, biological, physical level healings just because they believed they took a remedy. That should've been our first clue there was something more going on.

We don't know how powerful we are! It's been known for thousands of years but we don't listen. I know it's been intentionally hidden from us, but that doesn't mean the answers aren't out there for everyone to see for themselves. All they need to do is ask the question. But we don't want to. We don't believe in it unless the TV tells us it's real. We worship whatever mainstream science tells us is real, all the while ignoring the mountains of scientific evidence already pointing towards the reality of everything I just described. You're just not looking in the right places.

Here is the bottom line. The time is now to awaken to the Truth. You've been lied to your entire life. You feel it. You're even less trusting of the world and people like me telling you what's real because you've been burned so many times in the past. I get it. But you'll never get anywhere by closing yourself off. There is only one thing that heals, and that is Love. It is the opposite vibration to Fear. Love is complete and total union (and acceptance) of all that is. All of it. Especially the bits you don't like. If you want to heal, you have to first address your self-imposed limitations and fears. Then only will you be driven by a force far greater than your egoic willpower to make the changes necessary for your own health. Any other way will be the path of maximum resistance. It will feel like torture because your focus will be on all the superficial things you can't have anymore because you're trying to be better. You'll be attached and suffer.

This is why spirituality and Truth matters. And it's not another ideological exercise where you just say "yep, I'm onboard." That's a good first step, but what I'm talking about is a lifelong pursuit. These concepts need to be experienced directly first hand. There are ways to do this. You need to embody the Truth as your own rather than just accept it because you liked the sound of it. And then.. you will be motivated to keep digging and find the next level of Truth. The process is infinite. But I promise life will no longer be boring anymore. And that disease you're trying to resolve? Your body will flush it out as your mind gets cleansed because the body follows the mind. It's thoughts.. then words.. then actions. But it all stems from your level of belief. Everything, and I mean everything, follows from the mind.

Don't keep yourself trapped in the Kingdom of Limitation. In the Kingdom of Doubt and Mistrust. In the Kingdom of Self-righteous Judgement/Hate/Indignation of others. Remember, as Alan Watts once said:

"You are under no obligation to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago."

Commit yourself to the pursuit of Truth, and not only will you be free.. you'll bring along everyone else with you. Because you, are, it. All of it.

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